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Brandon Russ
Brandon Coat headshot_edited_edited.jpg

Purpose finding author

Becoming a published author requires a recipe of vision, reworking the clay and perfecting the idea in your head and translating it to a flow of content that makes an impact on everyone who reads it. Brandon has always been creative. From music to musings, he realized that his journey was chock full life lessons and helpful antidotes that light the world with laughter. "Funny You Should Say That!" was released to amazing reviews. But he also knows the pitfalls and challenges of being a self-published author, because getting the book out was just the beginning. From the technique to the message to the marketing, you'll need some tools to get your idea to the masses. Take it from him, the rest of the recipe requires hard work, a relentless attitude, an assessment of your talents along the way, and a hint of magic to make it all work together. That's why he's always encouraging everyone to "keep going."

Daryl Mountford

"When you partner with someone in your journey to tailor your voice to be eloquent and impactful, you want someone meticulous while letting the path unfold in front of you. As an editor, Daryl is a guide like no other. She allows the creative process to flow with how YOU work and the product exceeds all expectation. My book would not have had the impact it has for my career and my voice without Daryl. I'm eternally grateful."

T. Brandon Russ


Savvy soul text weaver.

Editor of "Funny You Should Say That!". Daryl has worked in technical writing and has years of experience editing medical policies and procedures. Having worked as a cardiac nurse for over twenty years, she knows what it means to be precise and diligent in one's work. She is passionate about the power of words and will help YOUR voice and style shine through your work. She will strive to help make your finished project be exactly what you dreamed it to be! She has a certificate from Proofread Anywhere and works in both Word and iAnnotate. She is also quite the cat enthusiast, but that is a story for another time!

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