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Have you been on a journey of self-discovery or had a spiritual awakening that you wish to share with others? Are you working on a self-help book, or want to tell your life’s story? We at 10th House Publishers are here to support your every step in doing just that. Our aim is to assist you in self-publishing your book in whatever way you need, so you can inspire, educate and enlighten others. Our Pen to Purpose philosophy is to build a community that raises each other up by bringing stories of healing energy and light to the world.


Whether you are just beginning with an idea and seeking guidance on how to put your thoughts on paper, or in the final stages and need assistance with the fine details, our team is ready and available to support you. From developmental editing to proofreading, we will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to successfully write and publish your story.


Writing a book may feel like an emotional rollercoaster! It may also feel as if you are adrift in a stormy sea, not aware of which direction you are traveling. We are here to help you navigate those rough waves and assist you to smoother waters. We honor the hard work and long hours that are put into telling your story. If this journey is part of your true north, let us help you achieve your dream.

How to Start Your Journey with us:

We want to develop a relationship with each and every author we work with, that way we know how to best help you share your voice with your audience. Please fill in the questionnaire below so we can assess where you are in your process. You will be prompted to schedule a time and date for a consultation.

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Our Services


Different editing packages are available if more than one service is needed. Click the button to find out more.

Publishing and Marketing

Click "Let's Work Together" to obtain more info on the service/s you're interested in.



Do you have clients that need to know what you know? This service is a quick and efficient way to deliver YOUR content to your online courses. You can also make free handouts or white page topics available for your clients need to read. 


Book Printing

Ready to deliver your masterpiece to the masses? There are many paths to choose from! Be ready to be a published author. 


Audio Book

From tone to emphasis, hear the world you created in a publishable audio book. Choose from professional voices or become your own storyteller.

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